22 November 2018
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Do you lead on quality within your business?

Happy man making a successful business presentationDo you lead the focus on quality within your business? 

Remember the new buzz words – 'Quality, Quality and more Quality’ in our last blog?

We looked at how Customer Focus was one of the principles of the ISO standards in Quality.  Now let's look at how you can influence quality in your company.  We are exploring the 2nd principle of leadership.

It is up to managers within the company to create the conditions that encourage everyone to embrace with the idea of Quality.  Surely you want everyone in your practice to engage with this principle and to make ‘quality’ a way of life for your team.

Business woman leading her team at the office

Why do you think that it is important?

If you want to achieve an excellence of service with your clients, you need to ensure that you have a unified approach and that all your processes and procedures are aligned to deliver ‘quality’.  It is about inspiring your team to embrace the ethos of Quality.

You need to work with professionals outside your company who also embrace this element as part of their core principles.  As your building contractor will be one of the key professionals working on a project, it is vital when selecting a building contractor to understand their focus on and consistent delivery of quality through all the stages of the construction period.

By taking an overview of all your processes, you benefit through improved effectiveness in delivering on quality.  Looking at the internal communication between all members of the team you can better link all the separate functions to make 'quality' the life blood of your team. 

What can you do to provide the leadership to achieve this:

  • You probably have a mission statement for your company but is it a document that is gathering dust. Review what it contains and your vision for your company and make it inspiring to everyone who works with you so that they feel enthusiastic to deliver your vision.
  •  Make quality just one of the shared values with which you want your team to engage. Other values might be client focus, integrity, responsibility, sustainability and performance excellence.
  •  If you lead by example, you will gain respect from everyone and they are more likely to follow your commitment to the principles. Expect your managers to embrace the values so that they also give a positive example to all the team. 
  •  Quality needs to be introduced into all your training programmes so that everything that is introduced within the organisation has quality threaded through it.
  • Encourage suggestions from all the team as to how quality can be improved as after all they are dealing with your clients on a regular basis and may pick up on ideas that would improve the interaction with the client.  If you decide not to implement any specific suggestion, you do need to give valid reasons in order not to discourage further ideas.
  • Finally recognise your team's contribution.  Give recognition to a member of the team for a successfully implemented idea.  This does not always need to be a monetary reward but can be praise given at a team meeting whereby you demonstrate, in front of their peers, that this is a valuable contribution to the success of the business.

Quality is achieved through a consistent commitment to providing a uniformity or standard that meets the customer or user requirements.

Through your leadership you can inspire your team, other professionals including your building contractor so that you give a quality service and product to your client. 

To help you find a building contractor who delivers on quality, have a look at a Guide to Best Practice in Selecting a Building Contractor. 

Look out for more blogs on how you can introduce into your business the other Quality principles of Customer focus, Engagement of people, Process approach, Improvement, Evidence-based decision making, and Relationship management.

Let's take the lead and make Quality, Quality and more Quality a key principle in design and construction.


Annie Summun

Written by Annie Summun

Annie Summun is a Director at Kisiel Group and, following over 35 year's management experience in different sectors, she is now promoting excellence and best practice in the construction industry. As a National Board Member of the Federation of Master Builders and Vice Chair of the Training Group, she has a particular interest in the training and development of individuals and looks to encourage more talent into the construction industry.

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