Introduce 'Best Practice' to your selection process.

How you can introduce ‘best practice’ to your selection process.

You are likely to already have a formal process in place. 

However, there are always opportunities to improve and streamline your process to ensure that you have the most effective procedure -  time and cost effective - that enables you to select the right building contractor for your project.

After all, you have spent time on creating a fabulous design for your client so the next step is to get the right contractor on board.

There are four phases to the selection process.

It is tempting to rush through the first phase to get to the selection process but do not be tempted to do this as you need to establish a clear procurement route.

The first phase, if set up from the start, enables the later phases to proceed more smoothly.

What is that well-known saying? Fail to plan and you plan to fail!


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